Parent Testimonials

We could not be happier with the decision to send our daughter to Christ Lutheran School.  The Classical curriculum challenges her as it creates an academic foundation she will use throughout her life. She is not only gaining knowledge but she’s learning how to apply this knowledge as she is encouraged to think critically and not simply memorize information. While academics are certainly important, Christ Lutheran provides an environment where her Christian faith would be a priority and ultimately the basis for everything. The sense of community and family through CLS is palpable.  We know she is receiving a top notch education while she is surrounded by those who love Jesus and actively walk in their faith. We love this school and we would recommend it to anyone!

My son attends Kindergarten at CLS after attending 2 years of preschool at CLEEC. The leadership and the staff at the school are completely dedicated to the development and learning of the students. They care deeply for their growth and development. The Classical education offered at CLS is exceptional and one I am familiar with having had the same type of education growing up. My son loves going to school, working on homework, and taking part in all of the school activities. I know CLS is the right school for us when my son asks on a weekend if he gets to go to school that day and is disappointed to hear that he isn’t. Our family is of Catholic denomination and find that the religious education offered at CLS strengthens our son’s devotion to God.

Wonderful school. Solid, challenging and enlightening curriculum. Dedicated staff that go above and beyond in many ways, in and out of the classroom, i.e., commitment to classical education, sincere interest in student development and growth (intellect, character and spiritually), and consistent focus/adherence to the mission and values of the school. Strong parental involvement/support of CLS, CLS staff and students. As a parent you will know that your child is RECEIVING optimal instruction, ENJOYING a challenging education, GROWING academically and spiritually, being FOSTERED in a community that promotes friendship, teamwork and Christ-centered values. I can only speak for myself but my child has improved confidence, focus and direction since attending this school for the past two years and is also not afraid to be challenged or take on a challenge. Downside the school is K-8, wish it was K-12.

Christ Lutheran School has been great from the Classical Education approach to teaching the children. Our children were at another school prior and the challenge was not there to go beyond the level of passing a standardized test. Going into the Middle School years we learned about Christ Lutheran School’s Classical Education program of using Latin, Memorization, Shurley English and progressive Math curriculum along with Logic to accelerate their understanding with depth. Going into high school they are now prepared for any class or subject. The teacher’s work well together to create a 9-year program of learning from K-8; but adjust well to catch up students that are not rooted in the processes of Classical Learning. The Principal leadership at the school is superb with challenging and expecting excellence in life, word and deed of both the teachers and the students by taking an active role in knowing each one. In all the decision to move our children to Christ Lutheran was one of the best things we could have done for them — and their grades and test scores have proven this out.

Christ Lutheran School is a wonderful Christ-centered community. I am overly amazed at how much my children are learning in this school. The classical curriculum is incredible & the teachers are so wonderful to work with. They are very knowledgeable & passionate about what they do. They love the kids so much and work to help them succeed. It is intense but at the child’s level. My children are not only growing in academic knowledge, they are growing in maturity & people skills. All the children in the school exemplify teamwork. I’ve never been in a school before where the older grades are helping and caring for the younger grades & encouraging them. I’m so blessed to be in an environment where my children can learn reading, writing, math, science, & history AND Biblical foundations to support it all. I’m excited for the foundation I’m placing in my children’s character & faith.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christ Lutheran School! We initially came to CLS when our daughter was in Kindergarten because we were looking for a full-day Kindergarten class for her — and we thought we were just coming for one year. That was 6 years ago and now all three of our kids are at CLS! We have been blown away by the high quality education at CLS since that first full week of Kindergarten. We cannot say enough great things about the principal and teachers at CLS. The Christian classical education that our kids are receiving is top-notch and in our opinion CLS is the best-kept secret for elementary education in Johnson County! Our kids are continually pushed to achieve more academically — a CLS teacher once told us that each year they like to raise the high bar just a little bit higher and each year the students at CLS rise up and meet the challenge and achieve more than the year before. And what’s even more exciting than watching our children achieve academic success — is watching them grow spiritually! The kids at CLS are confident because they know they are a child of God. And at the end of the day — that’s the most important thing.

Truly the best kept secret in Overland Park! We were not at all planning on attending a private school, but after going through preschool there, and learning more about Classical Education, we decided to try at least give kindergarten a try – and we were hooked! We love that it truly feels like a community and family at CLS. We do not attend church there, and we have boys, both very active in sports. There are so many options at the club level to meet are needs athletically, we don’t see this as a negative at all being part of a smaller private school. What they are learning already is amazing – Latin, geography, history – so much more that we had at their age! We also love that they are becoming grounded in their Christian faith, but also learning about other religions and cultures, and seeing how that historically fits into the Bible and the big picture timeline. I have a 2nd grader now, and a boy in Pre K there (love too that the preschool side offers extended care so that their schedules match!) Take a tour to learn more!

Christ Lutheran School has proven to be more of a family than just a place for my kids to get their education. We have two children attending CLS in the lower grades. We know that when our kids enter the school they are not only given a top quality education that exceeds that of any other education center available, but they are also loved and nurtured in a way no other “school” can provide. With regard to the educational concepts of CLS (reading, writing, arithmetic, Latin, study skills, etc.), they have been given a phenomenal foundation that they will be able to apply for the rest of their lives, which will also give the head start on their peers as they get to high school and college. With regard to the values – I know beyond a doubt that the values they are teaching my children are in lock-step with those we are teaching at home. It is a blessing and a relief that they are not getting indoctrinated with concepts and ideas that are contrary to the biblical foundations we are enforcing at home and in our church. Christ Lutheran School is by far the best combination of education and values in a family environment that you can experience for your child’s education.

We made the right decision when we chose to send our children to Christ Lutheran school. Although both the Olathe and Blue Valley School districts are very highly rated we were looking for something exceptional for our children. Christ Lutheran offers our children the ability to be exceptional. A parent couldn’t ask for a more supportive environment with challenging academic standards and Christ at the center. The classical education curriculum teaches our children how to learn, study and think for themselves. The leadership and vision provided by Mr. Vandermark and all of the staff allows me to be confident that Christ Lutheran School is developing the next generation of Christian Leaders.

We love CLS, and have two children in school there. The teachers are so caring and involved with each student to make sure they are not only learning their curriculum, but also that they are growing in Christ and as a person. The classical education teaches the kids how to think and use their heads. I think the public schools push computers/tablets too early and too much and they are used as a crutch. And I’m an IT person! The class sizes are perfect, school leadership is outstanding. The school is still growing, and has a timeline for expansion, but there are a few things they don’t have (yet). I can’t recommend CLS enough, and am very happy we made the decision to send our children there.

I can’t begin to express what a bright spot this school has been for our family. For starters, we’re big believers in Classical Education from a Christian perspective. What we didn’t realize is just much this school would impact our lives as well as the lives of our children. While the academic standards are amazing (Latin begins in Kindergarten), it’s the care and nurturing that our children in both the Early Childhood (preschool and Pre-K) as well as the Elementary school. We’ve found an entirely new support network of friends, parents, and educators. While we’ve experienced plenty of ups and downs the past few years, our one steady rock and foundation has been CLS. I strongly recommend parents to consider starting their children out in the Early Childhood program or enrolling them in the K-8 program. The staff and faculty make great strides to ensure that students who come into the school at any grade level (including upper grades) receive a full onboarding process to help ease their child into the program. It’s my sincere hope that CLS will also begin adding high school grades at some point in the future. We can’t imagine leaving this community.

This school has far surpassed what we thought grade school could be for our kids! We never thought that we would have kids in private school. All of our kids attended Christ Lutheran pre-school, which we loved. As Kindergarten approached for our eldest, we began to consider CLS. Now all of our children attend and we continue to be so pleased with our school. Mr. Vandemark has proven to be a principal with both great vision and heart. He is leading this school well and incredibly investing in each child as an individual. Classical education makes a tremendous difference in a child’s ability to soar. Each of our children, with their differing personalities, has done very well with Classical education.

We chose CLS for the rigorous academic program and Christ-centered education. We have stayed at CLS because these expectations have been surpassed and we have experienced many other reasons to stay! We have had our children at CLS for 7 years. These are the reasons we have stayed: 1) top-notch Classical curriculum that challenges the student and allows the student to feel they have truly accomplishing something great; 2) Christ-centered education where students of all faiths come together to learn and grow; 3) dedicated teachers who go far beyond normal expectations to educate your child while also showing them care and love; 4) outstanding principal who possesses remarkable leadership skills and will continue to move the school forward; 5) marvelous sense of community where parents and teachers enjoy each other; 6) safe and accepting environment with excellent peer group for middle-school kids which can be an impressionable and difficult age; and 7) excellent co-curricular options including competitive sports programs. Come take a look at CLS you will see and feel the difference!

My children have been attending CLS for three years and everyday when I drop them off I am so thankful it is a place that I know will instill the same values and ideals we are teaching at home. I see them challenged academically, encouraged in building their character, strengthened in their faith and loved well. The Classical, faith-based curriculum is second to none. The principal and staff are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. There is no other place I would want my children to be for their elementary and middle school education.

Both of my children attended CLEEC as preschoolers and continue attending CLS. CLEEC’s staff are experienced and stable. The teachers there all had very long tenure and are loving and experienced. Our children felt secure and had so much fun learning. We continue attending CLS because of the classical education. I was amazed how quickly my daughter learned to read and continues to love reading. The staff at CLS again are so loving but disciplinary at the same time. We love the community of parent and teachers. It is a great place for my children and for our family.