Tuition and Fees 2017-18

TUITION 2017-18: $5,750

REGISTRATION: $300 (Non-refundable)

Registration Reductions:

Paid by April 1–$270 (10%)

Two students  by April 1- $540 (10%)

Three students or more family maximum–$600


Tuition Reductions:

Annual Prepaid by August 1–$250; $5,500

Second Student–$575 (10%); $5,175

Third Student–$1,150 (20%); $4,600

Fourth Student–$1,725 (30%); $4,025

If a student is eligible for a multiple student discount he/she is not eligible for the prepaid discount.


Ten (10) Month Payment Schedule:

One (1) student–$575/month

Two (2) students–$1,092/month

Three (3) students–$1,552/month

Four (4) students–$1,955/month

Please consider setting up an automatic bank draft.


Non-Tuition Items:

Milk and Lunch Optional Set annually by Vendor

PE Uniforms 4th–8th Grades $10 per item (shirt and shorts)

Yearbook Optional Set annually by the PTO

School Supply Packet Optional Set annually by Vendor

Athletic Fee Per Sport–$75

Kindergarten Graduation Fee-$30

Eighth Grade Graduation Fee-$60