Turkey Trot

The past five Turkey Trots were a great experience for our students, parents, and staff at CLS. They have been very successful in helping us raise over $53,000!  The funds raised in the past have been used towards the purchase of new playground equipment and technology enhancements for our school.

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, our students participated in our 6th annual Turkey Trot. It was a gorgeous day weather-wise! We had over 150 students participate, 50+ parents or family members attend to support or participate. Our students completed a total of 1,932 laps = 483 miles and so far have raised over $16,500.

A large portion of the proceeds will be donated to Water for South Sudan to help build a well in a remote village in South Sudan. Our current CLS 7th graders attended the Plum Creek Literacy Festival in the Fall of 2016 and heard from an amazing author, Linda Sue Park. She shared her inspiration for the book entitled A Long Walk to Water and her passion for providing clean water to remote villages in South Sudan.  Many of our CLS middle schoolers, along with myself, have read this book, which I highly encourage you to read as well. Please join us in supporting this important organization – it is our goal to raise enough money to build a CLS well in South Sudan so that more kids like us can attend school – rather than walking all day to collect water.  During the Turkey Trot many of our students even took the opportunity to walk laps with buckets of water on their heads, just as girls from villages in South Sudan have had to do for years.

The remainder of the funds earned will be put towards much-needed building growth on our campus including ministry classrooms, a multi-purpose room, and gymnasium. In addition we will be supporting Lutheran South Academy in Houston that was significantly impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Once again, thanks so much for your efforts to make the Turkey Trot such a memorable, successful event! THANK YOU for all of your continued support, it is truly great to be a Griffin!